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We offer a variety of services


Telecommunications / Voip

Implementation of systems

Technical assistance

Management Systems


Security systems

Computer Security Specialists

Our solutions

We offer solutions and services of computer security for companies.

Analyzing and proposing adequate solutions for the best functioning, as well as the needs required by each company and each specific situation in the area of computer security.


Trade in hardware and software solutions

In a market so competitive today, they bet on products and services
Of Quality. They differentiate themselves from the competition by the guarantees of
their products provide. Besides the common hardware also offers the service
of computer assembly.
The software level offers management and billing solutions of the brand Enterpri
seSnap and OfficeGest.

Hardware and software counseling studies

To guarantee quality and solution of your services to CUBO COMPUTERS
offers a counseling service in order to ensure the most appropriate choice for your client’s needs.

Telecommunications / Voip

In this category, Cubo Computadores offers its customers the service of telecommunication, this allows the best choice and the most suitable to hire.
They contract internet, phone, mobile phone and also internet by
These services are carried out together with the largest market operators such as MEO, Vodafone, NOS. They present, market and configure VOIP, central, telephone and software.

Implementation of systems

The CUBO to differentiate created a specific service, in which the client explains your idea, your point of view and the Cube Engineers draw up a plan
both hardware and software that meets the expectations of the client.
After a validation by the customer, Cubo goes on to implement the
This service called “KEY IN HAND” fits effective needs,
always meeting the needs of the client as well as its budget

Technical assistance

Perform technical procedures, repairs to computers, hardware, printers.
At this level they also offer scheduled maintenance plans with
specific and adapted to the needs of each client.